NJ Democrats getting desperate, attacking Chris Christie with images of former President Bush



Found this morning plastered to lamp posts in downtown Trenton N.J.

Memo to Democrats that think this is a good idea, keep doing this kind of stuff it makes you look like fools.

We have seen over the last 7 months what a Democrat in the White House will do to this country, if the next 7 months are anything like the last people will be begging to have GWB back.



Still the roadside sign of the year


After considerable travel in 2009 I will submit this sign just east of Rapid City, SD off of Interstate 90 as my awesome sign of 2009. I would have expected to see this sign in a more sinister area, it is amazing that something this funny can be unintentional.




Obama Joker Poster Expected to Be Contagious



Obama Joker Poster Expected to Be Contagious
The Obama Joker poster is physically in Los Angeles, but expected to spread like wild fire. The internet is buzzing with sightings of the poster depicting our current President as the Joker whose goal is to spread socialism.


I hope I can get a few of these posters to plaster around DC and Arlington, it’s actually quite a bit of fun to watch the other party control D.C. and try to run themselves out of power as fast as they can.