Aaron Schock and The (New) Conservative Agenda: GQ Features


The (New) Conservative Agenda: GQ Features on men.style.com.

Aaron is a candidate that I worked with in 2008 and is a hell of a guy and a good friend.

It has to be up there on every dudes secret wish list to grace the pages of GQ so I felt that it was appropriate to congratulate him.

Aaron Schock GQ October 09

Aaron Schock GQ October 09

Aaron Schock GQ 09Aaron Schock GQ 09

Atta Boy,



Creigh Deeds EPIC FAIL!!!!: I won’t raise taxes, except for when I do


Wow this is one of the most brutal flip flopping responses to a question by a candidate for Governor that I have ever seen.  What a total mess this guy and his campaign is:

Just watch him squirm and laugh, this video will be shown at candidate training schools for a long time as the best example of how NOT to deal with the media:

Even though Deed’s goose may already be cooked (this could explain why he is so flustered) one would think he might understand his own plan enough to spit it out and get the hell out of there.

Even the most liberal of Polls, the always Democrat Skewed DailyKos Poll has Bob McDonnell beating this poor sap by 7 points 50-43.

The Real Clear Politics Average on this race is McDonnell +6.5 but many polls have Deeds going down by double digits.

Creigh Deeds has run what is possibly the worst campaign for Governor that Virginians have seen in a generation.  And should be trounced on election day.


Analysis of New Jersey Assembly ballot trending towards Republicans


After a little searching through Quinnipiac University’s polling history in New Jersey I was able to pull together enough polls to show just how significant the Republican Generic Ballot advantage is in their Most Recent Poll heading in to the 2009 Assembly races.

Numbers and analysis on the document below:

The first advantage in a decade, 8 seats to tie the chamber.

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