Beyond The Chair “The Story of One Man’s Extrordinary Journey”


Beyond the Chair

We attended the world premier of “Beyond The Chair” hosted by the Christopher Reeves foundation in Hollywood last month and I urge you to pick up your own copy as soon as possible, this film is more than the sum of it’s parts, Beyond the Chair is a truly inspiring documentary about Andrew Shelley, his fight against Muscular Dystrophy and his desire to actually live his life on his terms.  Against the urging of his doctors but with the support of his family Andrew takes off on a once in a lifetime trip, traveling backpacker style across Oceania and Asia with the help of his souped up wheelchair and friendly strangers who turn into friends along the way.  Through the eyes of filmmakers Dustin Duprel and Rachel Pands we are treated to both beautiful images of off the beaten path destinations and are witness the struggles, temptation, logistics, emotion, human nature and ultimately life changing triumphs of one man with extraordinary challenges living his life on his terms.  This is a must see film for anyone who has ever said “I can’t”.

The film is being distributed by Intention Media LLC follow (this link) to pick up your copy or find a showing.



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