Manc-Asian 2012 (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia) with highlight reel


The ManCation Trustees and I (plus one rookie) packed our backpacks last month and once again went abroad for Thanksgiving 2012.  We took opposite paths to get there (DCA->Detroit->Seoul->BKK for me, while the rest of the guys went through Doha, Qatar en route to Southeast Asia.  We visited Bangkok, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia over 9 days.

We spoiled ourselves this trip staying almost exclusively at very high end hotels from the Sofitel brand and took short flights between the cities.

As far as travel videos go, last year I took along my Flip Ultra HD but this year it stayed home, I wanted to finish the video in 1080p in Final Cut Pro X (I am getting better and better at it) so I packed my recently purchased a Canon T3i DSLR with a new 40mm Canon pancake lens (that I love).  The canon footage (which is too shaky for the most part (because i shot in 24 fps instead of 30 / Rookie Mistake) and iPhone 5 video is pretty good now, so armed with a DSLR and 5 iPhone’s we documented the trip very well and brought back around 150 minutes of raw footage from the 9 day trip, a lot of great moments wound up on the cutting room floor but below is what we thing is a fantastic 5 minute highlight video of our trip.  You will not be bored.  Turn up your speakers and Enjoy.

Next Year will be South America, Africa or New Zealand/Australia.

Safe travels.